Thomas K. Prindable

Managing Partner

Thomas K. Prindable, Managing Partner at Clifford Law Offices, is one of the steadfast forces in the office. Directing the intake of cases as well as management of the office for the last two decades, Prindable’s calm, reassuring and insightful manner has been a comfort to clients over the years. Referring attorneys also can count on him for an honest assessment and fair treatment. The attorneys and staff at the firm rely on his leadership and thoughtful style, not only from his years of experience as an attorney, but from his years of studying for the priesthood. It was the month before being ordained that he decided that he had another calling. Being a lawyer. Helping people is in his blood as he also has received several pro bono awards, particularly in the area of probate law.

Tom was destined to be a great listener to people’s problems. As a young man, for 12 years he pursued the priesthood, reaching the final stages as a deacon in the seminary in the Roman Catholic Church in Chicago. Then, just months before he was to be ordained, he decided life held different roads for him to follow. Instead, he chose law, graduating from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago-Kent College of Law in 1973 because he thought it was another field in which he could help the greatest number of people. That’s just what he does every day as Managing Partner at Clifford Law Offices. He’s the hub for all those who initially call the law firm for help. “One of my more pleasant tasks is to personally meet with most of the new clients to ensure that their files are opened as accurately and expeditiously as possible.” Tom said. “I inform them of the office and court procedures that will follow in the handling of their causes of action.”

As part of his busy work schedule, Tom also administers the legal staff. “My main objective is to provide the most effective and satisfying environment for the cases of the clients to be completed successfully and efficiently.” Tom leads The Call, an office-wide meeting, every day at 4:30 p.m., and is reminded of television shows like L.A. Law when he sits down at the large mahogany table in the large conference room. “It’s a time when I ensure that every court call, deposition, client interview and any other calendar event for the next day is covered,” Tom said. “It is a special time as well when the lawyers get to discuss significant legal issues each day, map out case strategy and develop collegiality.”


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