Thomas K. Prindable

Senior Partner

Thomas K. Prindable served as Managing Partner for two decades at Clifford Law Offices.  He is now Senior Partner at the firm.  Prindable’s calm, reassuring and insightful manner has been a tremendous addition in his handling of the firm’s clients over the years.  Given his wealth of experience, attorneys also can count on him for an honest assessment and fair treatment. The attorneys and staff at the firm rely on his leadership and thoughtful style, not only from his years of experience as an attorney, but from his years of studying for the priesthood. It was the month before being ordained that he decided that he had another calling. Being a lawyer. Helping people is in his blood as he also has received several pro bono awards, particularly in the area of probate law.

Tom was destined to be a great listener to people’s problems. As a young man, for 12 years he pursued the priesthood, reaching the final stages as a deacon in the seminary in the Roman Catholic Church in Chicago. Then, just months before he was to be ordained, he decided life held different roads for him to follow. Instead, he chose law, graduating from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago-Kent College of Law in 1973 because he thought it was another field in which he could help the greatest number of people.  He has been recognized for his outstanding pro bono work particularly in helping guardian ad litems.  His alma mater, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law awarded him the Outstanding Pro Bono Service Award in 2011 and Illinois Legal Aid recognized his pro bono work in 2998 as well as the Chicago Legal Volunteer Services awarded him for his disti8nguished service in 2007.

He is a member of numerous bar associations where he has served as a speaker on a number of topics – from liens to client communication.  He also has conducted a number of press conferences on behalf of clients in high-profile cases including the representation by Clifford Law Offices of seven of the eight young women who were injured when a “human chandelier” act collapsed in Rhode Island in 2014.

Clifford Law Offices is proud that Tom Prindable has been a “staple” at the firm for so long and its entire staff is fortunate to have him and his wisdom serve everyone as Senior Partner.



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