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ABA Extends Free Membership to All Law Students – Bob Clifford Chaired Special Committee


The American Bar Association (ABA) is offering free membership to all law students starting in August, waiving the $25 annual dues for those enrolled in ABA accredited law schools across the country. ABA President William C. Hubbard of South Carolina made the announcement in April on behalf of the 395,000-member organization. It comes on the heels of a recommendation of the special Task Force to Examine Association Policies Impacting Recruitment and Retention of Law, chaired by Robert A. Clifford, founder … Read more…

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Clifford Law to Participate in 34th Annual ISBA Ask-a-Lawyer Day


Clifford Law Offices Communications Partner, Pamela S. Menaker, will be participating in the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) 34th Annual “Ask-a-Lawyer Day” event this Saturday, April 25th, 2014. The event is available at no cost to anyone with a question about a legal matter. It runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Attorneys will be accessible via phone call, email, and Skype. Menaker will be the attorney representative who will handle the Skype calls out of the Chicago Illinois State Bar Association‘s office. Menaker … Read more…

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Chicago Premises Liability Lawyer Speaks at IADTC Spring Symposium


Colin H. Dunn premises liability lawyer and Clifford Law Offices partner spoke at the Illinois Association of Defense Trial Counsel (IADTC) Spring Symposium last Friday, April 17th. Dunn participated in a point-counterpoint with Lipe, Lyons, Murphy, Nahrstadt & Pontikis, Ltd. partner, Bradley C. Nahrstadt. The attorneys discussed the following topics: timing of a mediation and the selection of a mediator preparation of mediation statements goals of mediation The Spring Symposium took place at the Standard Club in Chicago. The program covered other topics including ethics and social media marketing. Participants … Read more…

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Another Tragic Grain Bin Incident – Four Men Injured in Northwest Indiana


Four men reportedly were injured when a grain bin in northwest Indiana exploded. Media reports indicate that a powerful blast in a grain elevator in LaCrosse, Indiana, injured four men Thursday (April 16, 2015) about 9 a.m. Residents as far as 15 miles away reported they could hear the blast in the 175-foot-tall bin and some even felt their houses shake like an earthquake, according to media reports. The blast blew out large holes on both sides of the feed … Read more…

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Robert Clifford Presents Opening Argument in Mock Trial


Senior Partner at Clifford Law Offices, Robert A. Clifford is presenting a demonstration of an opening argument today, Wednesday, April 15, at the American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Litigation Annual Meeting. Clifford’s demonstration will consist of an opening argument in a “re-trial” of the high-profile case of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti. Sacco and Vanzetti were two Italian immigrants who were convicted of killing a guard and another man at a shoe factory in Massachusetts in 1920. Both men were convicted … Read more…

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An Entire Community Mourns the Death of Those Killed in Tragic Plane Crash Near Bloomington


A vigil is being held tonight (April 7, 2015) for four of the victims who belonged to the same church in Bloomington-Normal and flowers are everywhere around town and around the campus in honor of seven men who died in a tragic plane crash early this morning, all part of the Illinois State community. All of the men who died are described as loving husbands, fathers and leaders in the community and their loss is found in the faces of … Read more…

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Seven People Reportedly Killed in Small Plane in Central Illinois Returning Home from NCAA Final Championship


A tragic plane crash involving a Cessna 414 occurred just outside Bloomington, Illinois, Tuesday morning (April 7, 2015) when seven people aboard were killed when the aircraft crashed just short of the airport.  Numerous media outlets are reporting that six people were aboard as well as the pilot, all returning late last night from the NCAA championship basketball game in Indianapolis. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has confirmed the incident and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is sending investigators … Read more…

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“Mane In Heaven” Continues to Help People – Extensive Media Coverage Spreads the Good Word


Jodie Diegel, legal nurse consultant at Clifford Law Offices, has one of the most interesting avocations during her free time.  She runs an all-volunteer 501c3 non-profit organization that helps the disabled and those in need. Their unique program exposes others to miniature therapy horses she and her volunteers have trained, to help these people enjoy the health advantages of being around these gentle “comfort” animals. Mane in Heaven miniature horses are registered therapy animals through Pet Partners, a national organization … Read more…

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Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Profiled in Leading Lawyers


Shannon M. McNulty, a personal injury lawyer at Clifford Law Offices was profiled in an editorial piece published by Leading Lawyers Magazine in the Women’s Edition for 2015. In the article McNulty talks about her background in criminal justice, her successes and how she currently heads the consumer class action work as one of the partners at Clifford’s Chicago-based law firm. The Leading Lawyers Magazine profile is a detailed feature that also touches on the following points – McNulty’s devotion to her community, home life as a mother and … Read more…

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Three Americans Reported on Board the Tragic Germanwings Flight That Is Thought to Have Been Intentionally Crashed


It is being reported throughout the world that the young co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525 intentionally crashed the plane into the French Alps yesterday, killing all 150 people on board. In its wake, grieving families are looking for answers as to why a person would commit such a horrific act. Major news outlets are reporting that the 28-year-old co-pilot from Germany who has been working for the airline since 2013 locked out the captain and apparently deliberately crashed the plane. … Read more…

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