Let It Snow

Posted by Clifford Law Offices on December 16, 2008 |

Believe it or not, Chicago is NOT one of the snowiest airports in the country. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Cleveland, Ohio, holds that record with the most average annual snowfall: 62.4 inches. The next snowiest is Denver, Colorado, with 60.3 inches. Then, Salt Lake City, Utah, with 58.5 inches; Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota with 54.4 inches; and Detroit, Michigan, with 42.6 inches.

Chicago enjoys an average snowfall (statistics collected from 1971-2000) of 38.0 inches. Sure seems more than that, but maybe that’s because many of us remember that great snowfall of 1978-79 when 89.7 inches fell. Not many of us recall the least amount that fell in the 1920-21 season of 9.8 inches.

Robert Clifford wrote a column for the Chicago Lawyer magazine about whether you should shovel your snow or not. The law varies from state to state. He explains how Illinois is one of the few states to follow the natural accumulation rule.

Visit the website of NOAA’s National Weather Service Office about Chicago’s snowfall.

There’s even a history of the Chicago Weather Service Office

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