Semi-Truck Driver Investigated in Deadly Amtrak Crash in Reno, Nevada

Posted by Clifford Law Offices on June 25, 2011 |

    Authorities are investigating the apparent cause of a semi-truck driver to plow into the side of the Amtrak train in Reno, Nevada, Friday morning that left at least five people dead, including the truck driver.

    Media reports coming out of the rural area are reporting that investigators are planning on reviewing the background of the tractor trailer driver as well as his medical records and autopsy records.  The driver is among those who died in the fiery crash.

    The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has dispatched investigators to the scene and it is also going to examine if the railroad crossing gates and lights were properly working as well.

    As investigators are gaining further access to the site, it is feared that more people will be found dead.  The wreckage was smoldering Friday and made access difficult for rescue crews, according to those reporting from the scene.

    Some of the injured had to be helicoptered to hospitals for treatment.  Others were bused. 

    The truck driver was headed northbound on US 95 when it rammed into the side of the train’s fourth car.  The train was estimated to be going about 80 miles an hour at the time headed to Emeryville, California, about 300 miles west of the crash.

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